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Membership Benefits of the Snohomish County Medical SocietyWhy Should I Become A Member of the Snohomish County Medical Society?
What are the benefits of membership?


Professional/Collegial Activities provide opportunity for physicians to be involved in political activities and to meet with colleagues for business or social purposes. The Medical Society is one of the few places in the medical environment where physicians of all types of practice, all insurance affiliations and all specialties can come together for collegial purposes, legislative efforts and community health projects. The Medical Society sponsors several general membership meetings each year where members can join with colleagues for dinner and an informational or entertaining program.

Hundreds of physician referrals are given per year by the Medical Society office when patients need referrals to a doctor or request information about physicians listed on their health plans. SCMS provides information about Medical Society members ONLY.

Offices receive a monthly Medical News “Update” bulletin by email from the Medical Society focusing on timely local, regional or national health issues.

The Medical Society is a resource for general information relating to medical practice and usually is able to link the physician with a source to find needed information if the Society does not have it available.

Advance Healthcare Directive/ POLST forms gives one the ability to insure that his/her health care wishes are known and considered if he/she becomes unable to make these decisions him/herself. The POLST forms are available from the WSMA through the Snohomish County Medical Society. Call for information: (206) 956-3624.

SCMS maintains close contact with state legislators through the WSMA who represent the local area. This contact allows SCMS to educate and influence our representatives when medical issues are debated and voted on in the State Legislature.

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