SCMS Resident Update

Greg Sanders, MD, Program Director, Sea Mar Marysville Family Medicine Residency

The first medical residency in Snohomish County has started. Six pioneering family medicine residents began their 3 year tenure at the Marysville Sea Mar CHC Family Medicine Residency June 26th. Currently, they are orienting in the local community, the clinic and Providence hospital. Then they start their 4 week rotations, at the hospital or with specialists in the community.

Providence is preparing for the residents, as this is their first residency. Certainly, there is a cultural shift, as the hospital transitions to a graduate medical teaching institution. Dr. Frank Andersen gave a hospital tour to the resident’s significant others, who now know where their loved ones will be spending up to 80 hours per week for the next 3 years. In addition to the family medicine residents, Washington State Elson Floyd School of Medicine first year medical students are spending some time at Providence. They will return and spend all of their third and fourth years at this hospital.

There has been great support from Providence and the specialists in our community. Recently, the residents went through some baseline skills testing. Local family physicians Jim Fletcher, Hans Danker and Kevin Clay participated in these events. The exposure to enthusiastic, wise local physicians with heterogeneous backgrounds makes for a dynamic learning environment. The orientation sessions are loaded with a variety of events, like team building, ACLS training, skills testing, community windshield surveys, introduction to scholarly activities, quality improvement, simulations, underserved curriculum, EHR, etc.

I hope you have an opportunity to work with the residents. They are a strong cohort, and their enthusiasm for learning is infectious. Share some of your wisdom.