Sea Mar Family Medicine Residency is ACCREDITED!

The ACGME has accredited the application for the first residency in Snohomish county- the Sea Mar Marysville Community Health Center Family Medicine Residency. It will start July 2017, with 6 Family Medicine residents. By the 3rd year, we will have 18 residents in the program.

A big thank you to Providence Hospital for their strong support from the start. Also, thank you to all the physicians in our community that have supported us, the response has been incredible. It will be great to have residents training here, and typically a significant number will stay in the community for their careers.

A little background- we are responding to the local (and national) need for more family medicine physicians. Sea Mar is the institutional sponsor, which is a newer model for residency training. This model has the clinic control the training priorities, as the clinic is where the physician will spend most of their career. The hospital is also important in training the residents, as the expectation is that our graduates will practice full spectrum family medicine. We are looking for residents that want to work in an underserved or rural practice setting. They will have the training to be pluripotent, practicing to the needs of the community they work in.

Currently we are developing the curriculum for each first year rotation. These are mainly inpatient rotations (IM,OB,surgery,ICU, NICU) as well as some outpatient (community medicine, peds, ortho,derm). Our faculty and “champions” at the hospital and in the specialty clinics are working together, discussing structure, goals and objectives for each rotation. There are also 6 weeks of elective time the first year, so we are looking at interesting rotation ideas for that time. We have good resources for attendings to access, regarding teaching tips, working with residents, staying on time, doing evaluations, etc. We are doing monthly faculty development sessions for our core faculty. I recently finished the University of Washington Family Medicine Faculty Development Fellowship. Prior to that, I did an AAFP NIPDD Family Residency Program Director Fellowship. I am using this training to help prepare faculty and attendings for their residency roles. We want everyone working with the residents to be supported and knowledgeable when they work with the residents. We will have a Sharepoint with information on the residents, and teaching/evaluating resources.

We will continue to work with UW medical students, and welcome the WSU medical students to Everett. It is exciting to see the area expanding in academic medicine. It is good to pay back and contribute to educating physicians that care for the next generation in our community. Please let me know if you are interested in teaching residents, we would love to talk to you!

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Greg Sanders MD
Program Director
SCMS Trustee