Sea Mar Marysville Family Medicine Residency Update

Greg Sanders, MD, Developing Family Medicine Residency Director, Sea Mar Marysville

We are in the process of applying for ACGME accreditation for this Family Medicine Residency (FMR). In August, we received feedback from the ACGME which is helping us improve our application. This is not uncommon. We have just sent in our completed application and we are already scheduled for a site visit on December 8th.  Now we expect to receive accreditation this April, 2016. Once we are accredited we will begin recruiting six 4th year medical students for the first class, starting July, 2017.

We have been working hard on laying the groundwork for our  FMR. There are now 3 core faculty members, Dr. Jose Mata, Dr. Michael Kopec, and Dr. Kaeli Caldwell. They are all family physicians who have done obstetrical fellowships. I am in the middle of a UW Faculty Development Fellowship, and I completed an AAFP Program Director Fellowship last Spring. We have been working on faculty development, curriculum development, didactics, simulation training, etc. After accreditation we will be offering training for everyone involved with the residents, via various modalities. Our governing Graduate Medical Education Committee is functioning well, with Sea Mar and PRMCE leadership as members of this committee.

Recently, Dr. Matt Hansen, our internal medicine hospital FMR champion, and I attended the annual Providence/Swedish GME summit. This meeting had representatives from the many residencies and Fellowship programs in the Providence/Swedish system. We discussed various local and national issues related to GME training at our institutions. It was enlightening and the networking component was quite valuable as well. The power of all of these programs collaborating will enhance each of our programs, and give an organized voice for common issues.

We really appreciate the strong support we have received from the physicians working in the community and at PRMCE. This is a CHC sponsored residency, so you all are vital to this community based endeavor. We will keep everyone updated on our progress. Please contact me if you want to work with our FMR, the first in Snohomish county.